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You Can Experience God’s Control in Your Daily Life!

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Live a Better Life With God as the Lead 

Those of us who have suffered from abuse and or trauma, especially when we were young, may feel that this has put our life on a path that is less than what we wanted or hoped and dreamed. When life seems unfair, it throws us off track and sometimes it's difficult and even seemingly impossible to get back on track.

At Biblical Counseling, we counsel people from a biblical- or Christ-centered perspective. We help people who are struggling with the side effects of living in a world and with people that are heavily impacted by our enemies’ evil influence. 

Meet the Founder

Charles Sever has a Master's in Counseling from Texas A&M East. He is blessed to have been married for over 30 years to his loving wife and has two fantastic daughters and two awesome sons-in-law.

Charles believes that God communicates with us to help us Know Him and His Truths, for and about us. He wants us to know the truth about our evil enemy, Satan, his lies and deceptions. God wants us to recognize and receive His blessings to help us walk through and even enjoy this life, with Him by our side.

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